Founded in 2018, Wallco Holdings is a quick growing Singapore based company specializing in wall & floor texture coatings.

Wallco provides the complete solution to wall and floor coverings, meeting the needs and lifestyle of every home and commercial users of the space.

Wallco Holdings is also the appointed exclusive distributor of Cameleo Deco Coatings in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.


We believe colours and textures are more than just mere decorative elements. They tell stories and create the unique connections between a space and its users.

And we, are committed to help you tell your stories.


Wallco offers a multitude of services and provides the most comprehensive support and solution to fulfill your requirements. We strive to make the texture coating process a hassle free experience for you.


Choosing the right texture coating is definitely not easy. Whether your priority is functionality or style, we definitely have something to suit your need. Be pampered with a wide range of premium quality options.


Here at Wallco, we value healthy and quality living. We are also committed to creating a sustainable and safe environment for our community.

Hence, our products formulation and manufacturing processes are very much driven by a conscious green approach. Our products are manufactured using innovative materials with very low release of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). They are also mostly water based, which makes them green and environmental friendly.


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